Why Influencer Marketing?

admin October 3, 2019

Influencer marketing is no longer a term drenched in mystery, with the presence of sponsored posts and branded content now the norm within daily scrolling patterns. However, the question still remains for many brands and marketers, why and how do you use influencer marketing effectively.

The basis of influencer marketing partnerships is simple – influential people act as third party endorsers for brands in exchange for payment or free products. They use their channels to spread awareness of the brand and educate their audiences on key messages. The aim of the game being to affect sales. However, with social media platforms ever changing and the way in which increasingly savvy audiences consume their media constantly evolving, there is now much more to influencer marketing than meets the eye:

  • Word of Mouth on a Large Scale: word of mouth has always been the lusted after no.1 lady of advertising. The theory being that people are much more likely to trust the recommendations of their peers over the direct marketing of a brand that clearly has an ulterior motive. People follow those that they admire on social media, meaning they also listen to them and their recommendations. And when you have an influencer talking to an engaged audience of thousands, that’s where the real magic happens.
  • Targeted: Not only does influencer marketing produce word of mouth, it produces the holy grail of recommendations – a carefully targeted one. You can analyse an influencer’s audience demographics to ensure you’re reaching target audiences. You can also go one step further by using ad features to boost the content to carefully selected groups, editing the data based on a number of factors. This ranges from basic demographics to more in-depth preferences and psychographic information.
  • Story Telling: One of the key elements of influencer marketing is the ability to take the audience on a journey. The presence of videos on Instagram Stories paired with a generous 2,200 word limit on post captions, means more can be portrayed through this medium than through the likes of traditional TV, radio and out of home advertising. The shift towards longer term ambassadors also allows for the influencer’s interaction with their brand partners to span weeks, months or even years. This creates a level of authenticity and also means every stage of product or service can be shown. For example a skincare brand could utilise a long term partnership with an influencer to create multiple pieces of content showcasing their transformation from start to finish. This could include showing the product packaging, the methods in which to apply it, education pieces on ingredients, talking to the brand’s ethos, showing the final results and much more. With a solid strategy and an understanding of the brand’s message hierarchy, there is the opportunity to truly capture and educate the audience.
  • A One-Stop-Shop: Instagram is cleverly moulding itself into an all in one e-commerce platform. With the likes of Instagram shop, swipe ups and price tagging, consumers can go straight from post/story to checkout without even leaving the channel. While this may seem like a small win, we’ve seen an increase in lazy consumer behaviour, in a world filled with convenience, too many clicks now equal a barrier to entry for your potential customers.
  • Humanisation: Consumers are much more likely to relate to a piece of content that has a recognizable face in it. Someone they follow, someone they know the story of and can relate to on some level, brings an attainable factor to the brand, making it a real product/service that someone uses, rather than a simple sales-driven message.
  • Measurability: With influencer marketing you can actually tell how many people have directly seen and interacted with your branded content. Unlike traditional media outlets with guesstimated numbers that generally sit on the inflated side of the equation. Tangible elements like discount codes, swipe ups, website visits, saves and shares also give a great indication of actual conversion rates. This allows marketers to effectively assess where budget is best spent and how to alter their partnerships or approach going forward.

With traditional media outlets becoming few and far between and people wanting free, instant media, the world’s increasingly turning to digital platforms. Social media plays the role of time filler, informer, entertainer, motivator and so much more. We want to ensure your brand is front and centre, catching the eye of the millions of people trusting their Instagram feeds to find their next purchase.

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    October 3, 2019

    There are always going to be crowds, the key is to either get up front and get your shots in before others show up or lag behind once they start moving on.

    • Harry Olson
      October 3, 2019

      3 years ago we wanted to go to see Michalengelos David in the Academy in Florence. The line was down the block


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