Create awareness of RJ’s removing Palm Oil from their products, as well as a widened general awareness of the brand and products. 

Educate audiences on the benefits of removing Palm Oil and communicate RJ’s commitment to listening to their consumers and doing better for them and the planet.  

Build authentic relationships with influencers.


Instagram feed posts and story content.

What we did

Influencers were sent an RJ’s treat box, with information on the removal of Palm Oil. 

All influencers then used these products to showcase their love for the products and talk to their RJ’s favourites while also incorporating the messaging around the removal of Palm Oil and the importance of this change.


6x influencers, 6x Instagram posts, 26x story frames

103,817 total reach and 114,288 total impressions

5,000 post engagements, 81 of which were saves/shares, and 855 of which were profile visits.

521 actions taken from stories, 372 of which were RJ’s sticker taps

12.93% post engagement rate (industry standard is between 1-2%)