Create awareness of Happy Hairbrush in the New Zealand market, educating audinees about the USPs and ultimately looking to encourage purchase consideration.


Instagram feed posts and story content

What we did

We worked with Mummy influencers to showcase their experience using the brushes with their kids and partners. We asked influencers to document their children’s’ reactions, as well as talk to how they found the brushes. 


3x influencers, 3x Instagram posts, 14x story frames (only contracted to produce 9x story frames)

81,123 total reach

1,748 post engagement, 606 of which were profile visits

688 actions taken from stories, 458 of which were sticker taps, 133 were swipe ups and 241 website visits.

9.23% post engagement rate (industry standard is between 1-2%)

98,526 total impressions