Create awareness of Dr Hauschka Christmas offering, including the advent calendars and gift sets 

Build  authentic, ongoing relationships with influencers who align with the Dr Hauschka values, ethos and aesthetic


Instagram feed posts and story content 


What we did

We worked with 3x mid-tier influencers and 1x macro influencer within the wellness sphere to use the products and talk about their experience.

All influencers were selected for having an ethos than resonated with Dr Hauschka as well as having access to a relevant audience

Influencers were given all the Christmas products and asked to talk about the products as well as incorporate messages about gifting mindfully.

All influencers included a giveaway, asking their audience to engage with the content to win one of the Christmas products.



4x influencers, 4x Instagram posts, 25x story frames

85,104 total reach and 105,821 total impressions

3,530 post engagement, 278 of which were promotion clicks, 104 of which were saves, 80 were website clicks  and 431 were profile visits.

499 actions taken from stories, 298 of which were Dr Hauschka sticker taps, 136 were link clicks, and 55 were profile views.

8.58% post engagement rate (industry standard is between 1-2%)


Learnings and recommendations

All influencers engaged well with the Dr Hauschka products, creating authentic content that felt natural sitting within their feeds. Each influencer achieved high results. 

Selecting influencers that had a natural affinity with the brand, resulted in added value content and influencers going above and beyond their contracted deliverables. 

The giveaways added a call to action and increased engagement, helping lead people to the Dr Hauschka Instagram page and encouraging bigger audiences through tagging. 

Using influencers that were more wellness / fitness focused than skincare focused meant the content stood out more and felt unique, aiding in the high engagement rate.