• Create awareness of the Dr Hauschka Christmas offering; the advent calendar and three Christmas gift sets. 

  • Build a strategic social media presence for Dr Hauschka, ensuring there is regular posting, calls to action and fluidity to increase social following and engagement. 

  • Create engaging, aesthetically pleasing and relevant content to drive engagement. 

  • Use social media to lead audiences to the Dr Hauschka owned profile and website, bringing people into the Dr Hauschka marketing funnel.

Instagram feed posts and story content
Dr Hauschka - Christmas Campaign
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What We Did


  • We worked with content creator, Nami Hampe, to produce beautiful content that fit with the Dr Hauschka brand aesthetic. 

  • We ensured regular weekly posting on both feed and story platforms. 

  • We engaged a giveaway mechanic to create a call to action and encourage tagging  and following. This resulted in our highest engagement rate, and a surge in followers. 

  • We ensured all influencer content was reposted, taking advantage of their following.

  • 16x Instagram posts, 56x Instagram stories (this is above the contracted 11x Instagram posts and 18x Instagram stories) 

  • 5,110 post engagement, 1,215 of which were comments, 1,322 of which were promotion clicks, 74 of which were saves, 508 were website clicks and 916 were profile visits. 

  • 4.67% post engagement rate (industry standard for business pages is 0.96%) 

  • 1218,147 total reach and 320,787 total impressions

  • 1,460 actions taken from stories, 348 of which were link clicks, 446 profile views and 608 promotion clicks. 

  • 487 new Instagram followers.