Create awareness of Clarence & Co as a brand, with focus on the gift sets and linen robes. 

Educate audiences on the Clarence & Co USPs and ethos. 

Build  authentic, ongoing relationships with influencers who align with the Clarence & Co values, ethos and aesthetic.


Instagram feed posts and story content

What we did

We worked with influencers who we know have previously posted about supporting local products. All influencers were given credit to choose the products they liked from the website and create their own Clarence & Co gift box. They were then asked to post about the process and the products. 

All influencers were selected for having an ethos than resonated with Clarence & Co as well as having access to a relevant audience

Two influencers included a giveaway, asking their audience to follow Clarence & Co’s  Instagram page as well as tag friends in the post. 


3x influencers, 3x Instagram posts, 14x story frames

71,469 total reach and 76,858 total impressions

2,475 post engagement, 772 of which were comments, 134 of which were promotion clicks, 49 of which were saves, 35 were website clicks and 196  were profile visits.

361 actions taken from stories, 258 of which were Clarence & Co sticker taps, 52 link clicks and 52 profile views. 

8.47% post engagement rate (industry standard is between 1-2%)