1. Create awareness of the new Matcha Lime Pie Raw Wholefood Bar and the Turmeric & Black Pepper Seaweed.
  2. Educate audiences on the product benefits and USPs.
  3. Encourage purchase consideration.

Instagram feed posts and story content.

Matcha Lime Pie Raw Wholefood Bar and Turmeric & Black Pepper Seaweed.
Organic snacks influencer marketing
What We Did.
  1. We worked with a combination of micro influencers within the student / young professional space to promote the new snacks as the ultimate tasty yet healthy on the-go food. We ensured all influencers already promoted healthy food and fit in with the Ceres Organics brand messaging.
  2. All influencers created content that that showcased how they incorporated the snacks into their lives. They talked about why they loved the snacks and what made them different to other snacking products.
Organic snacks influencer marketing
Content Highlights.