Create awareness of the Ceres snacking / platter range, with particular focus on the brown rice cakes and crackers.

Continue to educate the audience around why organic products are better for self and environment 

Add to the authentic, ongoing relationships already formed with many influencers


Instagram feed posts and story content incorporating competitions

What we did

We worked mainly with micro influencers, with a small layer of mid-macro influencers above this. We used Mummy influencers alongside lifestyle / foodie influencers

All influencers were selected for having an ethos than resonated with Ceres as well as having access to a relevant audience

We elevated ongoing relationships, having worked with all of the influencers on previous Ceres campaigns

Influencers were asked to show off their platters and snacks made using the products, with a particular focus on the crackers and cakes 

Three influencers also ran competitions for their audience, increasing engagement and getting products into the hands of consumers.


11x influencers, 11x Instagram posts, 48x story frames

209,189 total reach and 263,627 total impressions

7,178 post engagement, 575 of which were promotion clicks, 165 of which were saves and 814 of which were profile visits.

825 actions taken from stories, 311 of which were Ceres sticker taps.

12.49% post engagement rate (industry standard is between 1-2%)