1. Create awareness of Organic Week as a whole, encouraging people to support the organic industry and positioning Ceres Organics products as a good way to do this.
  2. Educate audiences on why buying organic is important and ensure they’re aware of the Ceres Organics ethos.
  3. Encourage purchase consideration.

Instagram feed posts and story content

Organic products influencer marketing
What We Did.
  1. We worked with micro influencers who had an ethos that aligned with Ceres Organics. These influencers had already displayed a clear interest in organic food, health, wellness and eco friendly initiatives. We worked with a combination of young students, professionals and mums.
  2. All influencers created content that spoke to Organic Week as whole, aiming to educate their audiences on what it is and why the organic industry is important. They then used Ceres Organics product within their content to either make a recipe, or show that they were eating organic to support the initiative and industry as a whole. They also included a call to action, asking their followers to try and eat organic during Organic Week.
Content Highlights.