Create awareness of the Ceres Organics Coconut Wafer Rolls

Align Ceres and the Coconut Wafer Rolls with mindful moments and educate audiences on the positive flow on effect of this 

Build on the authentic, ongoing relationships already formed with many influencers and introduce new faces into the fold


Instagram feed posts and story content

What we did

We worked with a combination of micro and macro influencers, with this budget allowing for an increased volume of larger macro influencers as well as a more robust boosting strategy

All influencers were selected for having an ethos than resonated with Ceres as well as having access to a relevant audience

We elevated ongoing relationships as well as introducing new influencers 

Influencers were asked to demonstrate a moment to themselves, a time of reflection and mindfulness, incorporating the products and talking to the importance of such moments 


19x influencers, 19x Instagram posts, 69x story frames

258,193 total reach and 312,903 total impressions

9,244 post engagement, 1,346 of which were promotion clicks, 271 of which were saves, 240 were website clicks  and 1,430 of which were profile visits.

4,729 actions taken from stories, 669 of which were Ceres sticker taps.

10.85% post engagement rate (industry standard is between 1-2%)