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Influencer marketing should be a part of any modern-day marketing plan.
Word of mouth has always been the most effective way to sell a product or service. Influencer marketing leverages this transaction and formalises third party endorsement as a tool to spread awareness and bring authority and trust to any brand.
We spend our lives on Instagram so that you don’t have to. We spend time getting to know your brand, objectives, audience insights and tone of voice so we can recommend the best influencer partners and content themes for you.
Our technology gives us an overview of influencer audience demographics, so we ensure we’re matching you with the influencers who will gain the best results for you. We’re constantly researching new trends, brainstorming new ideas and keeping up to date with all things influencer marketing so we can put forward creative solutions that drive innovative, strategic campaigns for our clients. We keep up with Kardashians for you.